Manufacturer Magnetiz

The Magnettis – enjoy its magnetic appeal !

The Magnettis includes over 280 exciting pieces and endless possibilities for fun and creativity in one game. The Magnettis - the game that has magnetic appeal!

The Magnettis, the multi-layer magnetic game, invites children to harness their imagination, skills and logic to create countless story scenes. Simply place the magnetic pieces on the game board and on each other: boys and girls, parents and grandparents, games and toys, furniture and other household objects. Let your imagination soar! You can create a birthday party or a trip to the park, a visit to a friend's home or a family dinner, a lazy vacation morning or tucking in the children at bedtime.

Give The Magnettis to your kids and they will surprise you with the number of pictures, stories and adventures they will create. Every Magnettis box guarantees you hours of developing cognitive skills and abilities; thinking, language and memory enrichment; encouraging the expression of emotions; strengthening motor and spatial skills; fostering creativity and imbuing values. All this takes place while the children are playing without them even noticing itŠ What else could you expect of a game with "magnetic" appeal!

The Magnettis is a registered patent of the GrinBox company, which creates and develops quality innovative games based on thinking outside of the box.

Choose from four versions: "The Magnettis' Pajama Party", "The Magnettis on the Way to the Soccer Field", "The Magnettis' Little Chefs" and "The Magnettis' Bubble Bath." The sets can be purchased separately or together to increase your child's enjoyment.