Rondo Vario

Rondo Vario  Beleduc
Rondo Vario  Beleduc

Art. no 22391

Dimensions: 22.5x22.5x5 сm

A game that can be played in many different ways and is a lot of fun for both big children and small children. In addition to small children practising fine motor skills and older children learning to react quickly, this game also promotes colour and shape recognition.

Age: 3 +

Number of
: 1-4

4 caterpillars
42 wooden shapes
1 colour dice
1 symbol dice

Game idea: Kirsten Hiese

The little caterpillars are very excited because they are to get new brightly coloured clothes today. There is a great selection because there are many different colours and they come in a great variety of shapes. It’s not easy to choose and so the caterpillars decide to throw the dice to decide on the new clothes. One piece is threaded on after another, depending on what comes up on the two dice. Look carefully before you pick up a piece: it is important to find the right shape in the right colour.

Game preparation:

Each player chooses a caterpillar and places it in front of him on the table. The 42 different wooden shapes are put in the middle of the table and the two dice are placed beside them.


Rules of the game:

The youngest player begins and throws the two dice. One dice shows a colour and the other shows a two-dimensional shape. He must try to find exactly this combination in the three-dimensional pieces on the table, e.g. if yellow is on the colour dice and circle on the shape dice, he must find a yellow ball. If he finds the right piece, he threads it onto his caterpillar. If the heart turns up on the dice with shapes, the player may choose a wooden shape in the colour shown on the other dice. Unfortunately, sometimes the player will find that there are no more wooden shapes in the required colour and that is just hard luck for him. All players take turns to try to dress their caterpillars.

End of the game:

The winner is the first player to thread the six shapes on his caterpillar.

Version for the very young children: motor skill training by threading the individual wooden shapes and free play with the caterpillars.

Version for the older children: players play the game as described above but all players may look for the right shape in the right colour at the same time. The first to touch the shape may thread it onto his caterpillar.

If two players reach for the right shape at the same time, each one is given one. If one of the players takes the wrong shape, one of the shapes he has already threaded on must be put back on the table.

Have a lot of fun with the caterpillar fashion show.

Manufacturer Beleduc