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Whatziss развивающая игра Beleduc
Whatziss развивающая игра Beleduc
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Art. no. 22310

Dimensions: 22.5x22.5x5 см

A mirror is something wonderful. The reflecting surface shows an exact image of whatever is held in front of the mirror. It’s a little more difficult if you can only see part of what is reflected in it. You need concentration and imagination to figure out what it is.

Age: 4+

Number of players:
: 2-4

11 mirror element
55 motif cards
5 empty cards to design yourselves
1 pen

Author: Alain Rivolett

Instructions in brief:

Each player puts a card facing downwards on the mirror element. Now all the players guess one after another what the picture might be by looking at the section of the mirror facing them. The player who guesses correctly may take the card and the one who collects the most cards wins the game.

Game preparation:

The mirror element is put together and placed in the middle of the table. The cards are placed face down in a stack.


Rules of the game:

The youngest player draws a card from the stack and puts it down on the mirror element frame without looking at the picture. Each player looks into the section of mirror in front of him/her. One after another in a clockwise direction each player can, if (s)he wishes, say what (s)he thinks the picture is. NOTE: each player may make only one guess for each card. If a player doesn’t wish to guess, (s)he says so when it is his/her turn. If one or more players cannot make a guess, the complete mirror element is turned one mirror section further to the right. Now each player sees a different section of the reflected image and might now be able to recognise what it is. If it is still not possible for any player to name the picture, the mirror element is moved one section further again. The mirror element can be turned four times. By then each player has seen all four reflected sides. If it is still not possible for any player to make a guess, the card is taken out of the game. Once each player has been able to make a guess, the card is turned around so that everyone can see the picture. The first player to have named the picture correctly takes the card. If no player has named the picture correctly, the card is taken out of the game. After that the next player in a clockwise direction places the next card onto the mirror element and makes a guess.

End of the game:

Before the game the players decide how many cards a player must collect to win the game, e.g. the first player to collect five cards wins. Of course this quantity can be reduced or increased to suit the age of the players.

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