What's the price of the Story Book inColor?

Answer: The retail price is about 2400-2500 hrn. (Just to compare - other color electronic devices cost about 5500 hrn. and sounded books are not pre-installed on them.)

What is the recommended children age?

Answer: The Story Book will be interesting for kids 3-12 y.o., as it allows to master reading skills in English and other languages. Even adults can practice languages listening to native speakers reading.

How the device works?


Story Book inColor - is the 1st color electronic digital device for kids. It is 3 in 1: color sounded electronic book + mp3 player + digital fotoframe.

  • Story Book can read books aloud in different languages.
  • Story book allow kids to read tales by themselves, in the sound-off mode.
  • The pages of the Ebooks can be turned over automatically or by pressing the button, which give the opportunitu to make pause and repeet the frase.
  • In order to protect children’s eyes, after reading over 20 minutes, Story Book will stop and pop up an icon to remind your kid to take a rest.
  • Story Book can show auto slideshow with your personal MP3 music in the background.
  • The speed of slides is changable from 5 sec to 24 hours.
  • Story Book inColor is designed with auto-rotate function.
  • Story Book is a digital fotoframe.
  • Story Book is also an mp3-player. Kids can listen to music, tales, audiobooks in mp3 format.
  • Story Book is compatible with PC, USB, SD, SDHC, MMC, MS PRО, up to 16 Gb.

How to use the Story Book?

Take the Story Book with You when You travel with your children by car or by plane. Take it, when You visit your friends or go to the restaurant or to the doctor. The book will help You anywhere where You need your kids to sit quiet and develop their skills. The Book has the Built-in battery which is enough to work for 1.5-2 hours. Your children will listen to funny and educational stories, read books or watch their last holidays pictures...

How many books are pre-installed in the Story Book?

When You buy the Story Book inColor, 20 English books and 8 Ukrainian books are already installed in the memory of the device. This is enough for children as they like to read and listen to their favourite books again and again. If 28 books are not enough you can buy and download the new books on Interbaby and Aiptek websites. Besides, You can easily download in the Folder "Music" any mp3 files: songs, tales, audiobooks - according to the age of your kid.

Can the baby cope with the device buttons?

Story Book inColor has a very easy control created directly for kids. It has only 4 buttons (OK, return, up, down) , volume control and On/off big button.

What is the difference between Aiptek Story Book and other electronic books presented in the market?

Story Book inColor – is the world 1st educational electronic book designed especially for kids. It was announced in 2010 and is selling only in the USA and China yet. The main difference with the adult books: Story Book – is coloured and it can read books aloud. Besides, it's not only an electronic book but also mp-3 player and digital photoframe.  Don`t forget the bright children design of the menu and the sleeve.

Can the Story Book inColor teach my baby the foreign language?

Any person needs practice to learn the new language. The Story Book will help your kids to practice pronouncation and will cultivate an interest to independent reading in any language.

Is the book interesting for adults?

The Story Book inColor is interesting for the whole family as You can watch pictures or listen to music or audiobooks on it. Besides it works like the digital 8" photoframe.

How the Book is packed, if I want to buy it for VIP-present?

Story Book inColor - is the perfect present, as it looks expensive and beautifully packed in big box. In the box are: the Story Book, adapter, English and Russian manual, USB cable and sleeve.

My kid is 6 y.o. and knows all the letters. But he can not read yet. Will the Story Book be useful?

Yes, of course. The Story Book inColor is stimulating the interest to reading. The child can turn the sound off and try to read the page all by his own, or just pause the story and repeat after narrator. The Story Book will stop automatically every 20 minutes to give a rest to kids` eyes.

Do we need the Story Book in Color, if we already have at home PC, PSP, Internet, DVD player?

Story Book in Color is the educational device of new generation, it can`t be compared to video-devices or games. If You let your child "to work" on the PC - he will play computer games or surf in the Internet. Give him the DVD-player - and he will watch cartoons or films. The Story Book inColor does not have games or videos. Giving your baby the Story Book You can be sure that he`ll read stories in different languages or listen to tales You choose for him, study new language or practice pronouncation.  You choose by yourself, which books or audiotales to write in the device memory.

How to expand the e-book library?

Besides jpeg and mp3 files, the book reads only bok-files which are compillations of text, music, pictures and sounds. You can buy the new English e-books in the Aiptek web-site – www.ebookincolor.com. You can buy the new Ukrainian and Russian e-books in our website – www.interbaby.kiev.ua. 23 Russian and 9 Ukrainian e-books are already created and we plan to develop this library. We wait for your proposals about what languages and what books will be interesting for your kids. Choose from categories: educational books, tales for kids 2-3 y.o., tales and stories for kids 3-5 y.o., stories for children 5-7 or 7-12 y.o., flash-cards slide-shows. Write us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Can I listen to fairy tales through the speakers?

Answer: Yes, the speakers can be plugged into the headphone socket.

How do I change the order of books in the Story Book?

Answer: Tales of the book are not in the alphabetical order but in order of their entry into the device. If your child prefers, for instance, Russian fairy tales, and it is more comfortable for you that they will be in the first bookcase, you have to remove all the books from the Story Book memory to the computer memory and then re-write in the memory of Story Book Russian fairy tales. After that you can add Ukrainian and English books. In what order you write files to your device, in that order you will see them on its screen.

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